Black Fathers Matter: Black fathers’ role vital in youth drug education, says Foundation for a Drug-Free World

June 23, 2022

Residents gathered to praise Black fathers and support their efforts at the Anacostia neighborhood's Big Chair landmark

Available for free to educators – a kit including booklets, videos, teachers lessons plans, and posters for use in schools or after school programs

At Father’s Day event, educational booklets help Black fathers educate themselves, their children about the ever-changing dangers of drugs.

Fathers are so important to improved lives for their children. We really need to step up our drug education activities to save lives and families”
— Thalia Ghiglia, Foundation for a Drug-Free World DC chapter
WASHINGTON, DC, USA, June 23, 2022 / -- A lively procession of cars decorated with balloons and signs formed a motorcade that spread a message through streets of the nation’s capital on Father’s Day: Black Fathers Matter.

Beginning at the African American Civil War Memorial, the motorcade culminated in a festive health fair that included live music and food from World Central Kitchen, as well as health screening and educational materials, at a community landmark called the Big Chair in the Anacostia neighborhood.

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World DC participated with a booth offering information on a variety of drugs. This information is available to help fathers in educating their kids and having hard discussions about drugs.

Ms. Thalia Ghiglia, Foundation for a Drug-Free World’s faith liaison director, commented that “Fathers are so important to improved lives for their children. We really need to step up our drug education activities to save lives and families.”

“This is why Foundation for a Drug-Free World volunteers are joining community activities as often as possible across the country sharing factual information about drugs and their effects. Drug education has been shown to increase individuals’ perception of risk and concurrently decrease usage of drugs in the population and therefore save lives. We have to reach people with the truth about drugs before it is too late for them,” Ms. Ghiglia said.

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World (DFW) has pledged to keep participating annually in the Black Fathers Matter project.

“Information is power and empowered individuals become successful and happy individuals, and that’s what we want,” concluded Ms. Ghiglia.

The most popular of the thirteen drug education booklets available from Drug-Free World were those on alcohol, painkillers, marijuana, prescription drugs and synthetics.

The Black Fathers Matter motorcade was created to counter negative stereotypes, to help put out positive images and to celebrate Black fathers on Father’s Day.

To promote healthier living and encourage Black fathers who are involved in their children’s lives, the Black Fathers Matter health fair offered information about diabetes, cancer, drug overdose prevention, and other health booths aimed at improving family life and helping good fathers to be even better.
Studies repeatedly show that having two parents in the home makes for better outcomes for children, with more graduating from high school, fewer getting involved in the criminal justice system, and improved health. There are hopeful statistics showing that 70% of children now live with two parents – up from 67% in 2005. This rise in two-parent families is mostly occurring in the African American community.

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is an international drug education program teaching the Truth About Drugs and helping families to understand the dangers of drug abuse. Regardless of whether a particular drug is legalized or considered a party drug, knowing its harms and when to call for help when someone is overdosing, is important to help families deal with this issue. The Foundation has booklets and videos on 13 different types of drugs, how to spot their effects, and information on their harms. These booklets were available for free to those attending the Black Fathers Matter health fair. The Truth About Drugs program addresses how drugs affect a person not only physically, but mentally as well, giving individuals the ability to make their own informed choices.

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